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Dr Chester Omana


Dr Chester Omana

Dr. Omana, a seasoned psychiatrist at Royal North Shore Hospital, offers private outpatient services at the Gladstone practice, Balmain. He brings rich experience in treating anxiety, mood, personality, substance use, and psychotic disorders. He's a former director at the Prince of Wales mental health rehabilitation unit, specializing in leveraging individuals' strengths to enhance overall function.

His work encapsulates mental health and addiction services, with a particular interest in co-morbid addiction and psychiatric/personality disorders. He emphasizes understanding the influence of family relationship processes on individual functionality.

Psychotherapy is vital to his approach, which he tailors according to each patient's unique needs and goals. Dr. Omana is trained in DBT, CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfulness-based CBT, ACT, and Bowen family systems. He explores lifestyle modifications such as exercise, diet, sleep cycle, and activity scheduling, tracking progress and evaluating barriers to change.

Dr. Omana collaboratively works with family members, GPs, psychologists, and other stakeholders, and provides supervision to colleagues and trainees. He has a keen interest in psychopharmacology, connecting research to clinical practice with colleagues across various sub-specialties, ensuring every possible treatment option is considered. His dedication to evidence-based practice and constant learning is the bedrock of his daily work.

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