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Telehealth is now  permanent. The Medicare Rebate for Telehealth is the same as that for onsite consults. Consults can be either voice or Video (zoom or skype). Please not all initial appointments must be Video. Only 30 minute or less consults can be Voice. Any consults longer than this have to be Video for you to obtain a Medicare Rebate.  


When confirming your appointment please state if you will be attending on-site or via Voice or Video (Zoom of Skype). For you to receive the best care it is more helpful if you are in a quiet and private place (preferably not driving your car or in a busy office space). The Dr may be running late so if you do not hear from your Dr at the allocated time, please just wait and they will contact you as soon as they finish with their prior client.


It is with great excitement we can announce our Software Package finally includes the option of E-scripts. If you prefer we can send a token direct to the chemist of your choice. 

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