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Telehealth is now a permanent option. We offer skype, zoom, or telephone.


When you confirm your appointment please let us know whether you will be onsite, skype, zoom, or telephone so we can spend your appointment time talking to you, not organising the “connection”. For you to receive the best care it is more helpful if you are in a quiet and private place (not driving your car or in a busy office!). The Dr may be running late so if you do not hear from your Dr at the allocated time please just wait and they will contact you as soon as they finish with their prior client.


The Medicare Rebate for Telehealth is the same as that for onsite consults and the Fee for Telehealth Consult is the same as that for onsite consults.


Please have the contact details of your chemist ready (postal address and either fax or email address). Please be aware that it may take a period of time to get the script to the chemist, especially if you Dr needs to obtain an Authority Prescription. We endeavour to fax/email all scripts before Reception Staff finish at 5 pm. If you see your Dr after this time the script will not be sent until the following day.  


Electronic scripts have created an extra burden on chemists, and you should always ring them to check they have received the script before you attend the Chemist. If the Chemist rings the Dr the Dr will not be able to ring the chemist back or resend the script for a couple of hours.

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